Welcome to the LiveCounter Classic home page LiveCounter Classic is an award winning web page access counter which can display up-to-the-minute hits count using an animated odometer-like display. LiveCounter made its mark as the first web page access counter able to update its counter display as you watch. It was also the first Java enabled counter to have a CGI backup counter, making it possible to count visitors using non-Java enabled browsers as well.
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  • Live access statistics: See if someone else is visiting or has visited your page -- LiveCounter will increment while you watch (* 1).
  • Customizable counter display: Design your own set of digits/border to make it look the way you want. You can also change the number of digits displayed, hide leading zeros, remove the border and adjust the speed of the animation (* 1).
  • Live doorbells: LiveCounter is the first web counter to have a live "doorbell" -- just as visitors to your home would ring your doorbell, your WWW home page with LiveCounter Classic can make a customizable sound as others visit it (* 1). Watch and listen to the above LiveCounter for a real world example.
  • Hidden counter: Ability to hide the counter.
  • Read-only counter: Create read-only counters to sound the doorbell and to display the latest hit count without adding to it.
  • Count link clicks: LiveCounter can also be used to record the number of times a particular link (a file download link for example) is clicked.
  • Count multiple pages: Track multiple pages using the same counter or create individual counters for different pages.
  • Monitor hits to other pages: Hits to multiple pages and/or links can be monitored using a public or private page containing multiple read-only counters.
  • Exclude hits coming from specified sources: Hits/visitors coming from pre-configured IP addresses (or hosts; your own machine for example) can be excluded from incrementing the count.
  • Smooth animation: Even if the time interval in which LiveCounter contacts the server is set to a high number such as 10 minutes, LiveCounter is able to animate its odometer during the idle time until it reaches the latest access count (* 1).
  • Server friendly: Uses an user configurable time interval to contact the server to retrieve the latest access statistics; allowing pages on servers with a slow response time to have a longer idle time in between checkups.
  • Multi-purpose: The animated counter display can be used for other purposes by programming it to display any incrementing number.
  • Free for personal use: Non-profit organizations and personal home pages can use LiveCounter Classic counter for free. This offer does not apply to LiveCounter Plug and Play.
  • LiveCounter Classic Log Processor and LiveCounter Log Analyzer add-ons: The basic text-only LiveCounter Classic Log Processor add-on can record and display information about visitors to your site, when and where they came from (IP address and ISP whois information), and which browser/operating system they used to view your page. To obtain additional information about the popularity of your site, the LiveCounter Log Analyzer can be used to generate easy to read and comprehensive graphical reports using LiveCounter logs.
  • Compatible with both Java enabled and non-Java enabled browsers: LiveCounter comes with a backup CGI counter which gets activated whenever a non-Java enabled browser is used, making it possible to count hits generated from virtually any browser.
  • Platform independent stand-alone counter: LiveCounter Classic counter can be installed on any web server running on UNIX, Windows 2000/NT/ME/98/95, Macintosh or other operating system with the ability to run CGI scripts (this covers all major web servers and virtually all other commercial web servers). There's no need to compile the scripts for your particular operating system platform.
  • Pick your technology: If you prefer not to use Java, simply use the non-Java-enabled version of the LiveCounter Classic counter.

    * 1. The live hits display and the live doorbell features are available only when viewed using Netscape Navigator / Communicator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, HotJava or other Java enabled browser.
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LiveCounter has won awards from a number of outside sources, including Gamelan's "What’s Cool" and "The Best Special Effects," Java Applet Rating System's "Top 5% Web Applet" and "Top 100 Web Applets," and Excite's and AOL NetFind's "Must See Site." It even won Java Centre's first "Golden Duke" award.

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You can get LiveCounter working on your pages using one of the following methods:

Option 1. Download and install the counter yourself

Use the following form to have the step-by-step installation instructions for LiveCounter Classic emailed to you. Your web server must have CGI access to be able to install LiveCounter Classic. If CGI access is not available, you maybe able to use a hosted counter service such as LiveCounter PnP or other method of counting as described here.

First and last name:
Email address:
Web page address:

You can read the privacy statement here.

Option 2. Let us install the counter on your site

If you have a web site with CGI and FTP access but do not want to install the LiveCounter Classic CGI scripts yourself, we can install a registered version of the counter for you for additional $10.00. In most cases, the counter can be installed within 24 hours on business days. Select one of the following options to order installation and registered version of the counter:

LiveCounter Classic counter-only installation ($25.00) : This option is for installing only the hit counter.

LiveCounter Classic counter & log processor installation ($30.00) : This is for installing the counter and the basic text-only log processor. You can view a sample report generated by the LiveCounter Classic Log Processor here. This option makes it possible for you to upgrade to the LiveCounter Log Analyzer for generating detailed reports at a later date.

LiveCounter Classic counter & log processor installation plus the log analyzer ($55.00) : This includes the counter and the basic log processor installation, plus a single-user license to the Log Analyzer for generating easy to read and comprehensive graphical reports. You can view a sample report and details about the LiveCounter Log Analyzer here. Note that a Pentium or higher PC running Windows 98/ME/NT/2000 is required to use the Log Analyzer.

Option 3. Subscribe to LiveCounter Plug and Play with reports

If you do not have CGI access or want to have a LiveCounter with log reports up-and-running on your page simply by pasting a few lines of HTML tags, take a look at the value added LiveCounter Plug and Play service. Note that while LiveCounter Plug and Play is based on LiveCounter Classic, they are two different products.

LiveCounter Log Analyzer -- why just count when you can report?
Counter + Reports
+ Plug and Play =
Get LiveCounter Plug and Play
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Q: How much does LiveCounter Classic cost?

A: You're welcome to use LiveCounter Classic free of charge on web pages of non-profit organizations and your personal web pages. If you use LiveCounter Classic on commercial web pages a registration fee of $15.00 (US) is required. Domain and server licenses are also available for ISPs and WPPs.

Q: How can I find out if I have CGI access?

A: There's no standard way to find out if you have CGI access on your web server. The best thing to do is ask your Internet/web service provider or refer to their documentation. If you're new to using web page counters, you may also want to read this introduction.

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Please send your LiveCounter Classic related questions to
LiveCounter Classic Support.

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