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The use of frames is one of the most controversial subjects in Web design, but there's not much controversy about this being one of the most popular frames related plugins. It includes buttons for inserting common layouts and a quick reference.
This small font picker makes it easier to preview fonts in real-time by displaying text in various font sizes and styles.
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Demonstrates how to open a new editor window from a PHP plugin.
Demonstrates how to preview two sets of HTML content in the internal browser window using a PHP plugin.
Already running PHP on the local computer? This plugin written in PHP can be used to check remote links and relative file paths.
Adds wizard dialogs for performing the following functions on ODBC datasources / tables: connect to an ODBC datasource, list the available tables, view the table structure, view the table content, create HTML tables using the database table content, ...
Demonstrates how to write a plugin in PHP that adds a page wizard with a real-time preview using the InputWizard function. After installing the plugin, select "File | New from Page Wizard | Create a simple web page using the InputWizard" fr...
Demonstrates how to get and change the cursor location in the editor using a plugin written in PHP. Also demonstrates how to call HTML-Kit plugins interface related functions in PHP.
Demonstrates how to extract text from a web page using the strip_tags() PHP function.
Demonstrates how to write a HTML-Kit plugin in PHP to: read the text in the current editor, modify it and send the modified text to the Output window.