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Add animated cursors to your program

Animated cursors have become so popular since the good old days of Windows 3.0, now they are a built-in part of the Windows 95 and Windows NT operating systems. Here's how you can use them in your Delphi program:

  cnCursorID1 = 1;
  Screen.Cursors[ cnCursorID1 ] :=
      'c:\winnt\cursors\piano.ani' );
  Cursor := cnCursorID1;

"c:\winnt\cursors\piano.ani" is of course the name of the animated cursor file and cnCursorID1 (defined as 1) is the index of your newly defined cursor. If you wanted to use more than one animated cursor, simply use a different index number -- cnCursorID2 (or 2) for example.

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