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CMPLIB32.DCL problems

If you install new components frequently, you've probably run in to situations where Delphi is unable to build the components library file -- CMPLIB32.DCL -- due to an error occurred compiling certain components. Most of the time, you'll be able to solve the problem by exiting Delphi, removing the problematic components and rebuilding the components library. If for some reason you're unable to rebuild this file, you have following options:
  1. Close Delphi
  2. Look for a file called CMPLIB32.~DC in the same directory where you'd normally find CMPLIB32.DCL. By default, this would be in "C:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi 2.0\Bin"
  3. Copy CMPLIB32.~DC (backup of the last good compile of the components library) to CMPLIB32.DCL.
  4. Restart Delphi and open the recovered CMPLIB32.DCL using "Component | Open Library..." menu option.

If you can't find the CMPLIB32.~DC, most likely your last option is to copy the CMPLIB32.DCL file that came with your Delphi install disk(s). Once you retrieve the original components file, you must reinstall components that you had installed since the original installation of Delphi.

  f : TextFile;
  AssignFile( f, 'LPT1' );
  Rewrite( f );

  // do your printing here...
  WriteLn( f, 'hello, world!');

  CloseFile( f );
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