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Place your own bitmap on Internet Explorer's toolbar

If you look at the background of Internet Explorer's toolbar, you'll see a very low profile bitmap. You can actually change this bitmap just like you can change Window's background (well, maybe not so easily!).
  • Run "Registry Editor" (Run "RegEdit.exe" or "RegEdt32.exe")
  • Select:

    Internet Explorer\Toolbar

  • Run "Internet Explorer"
  • Select "View | Options | General"
  • Uncheck "Background bitmap" checkbox
  • Switch back to the Registry Editor
  • Add following parameter as a "REG_SZ" type:

  • Value of the "BackBitmap" parameter should be set to the path to your bitmap (C:\WINNT\SETUP.BMP for example)
  • Switch back to "Internet Explorer"
  • Check "Background bitmap"
  • Click on "OK"

Now you should see the newly specified bitmap on your Internet Explorer's toolbar.

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