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Let them search engine robots know what your page is really about using DESCRIPTION and KEYWORDS meta tags

Whenever you submit your WWW address to an automated search engine robot, it will determine which keywords and descriptions to use for your pages. Of course, robots aren't "human enough" to determine the best way to describe your pages nor find the best keywords to assign to your pages. Here's how to provide your own descriptions and keywords for search engines to use:

All you have to do is place two META tags named "description" and "keywords" in-between your <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags:



  <META NAME="description" 
        CONTENT="Come here to find 
everything about blue marbles!">

  <META NAME="keywords" 
        CONTENT="blue marbles, 
marbles, marble information">



<! rest of your page...>


The text colored in green of course should be changed to represent your page; don't forget to separate your keywords using commas.

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