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Let the frames float...

How would you like to open a scrollable browsing window inside your page? It's very easy to create such a window -- usually referred to as a floating frame -- in Explorer 3.x and Explorer 4.x.
Simply insert following HTML tags in to your page:
  width="width of the frame"
  height="height of the frame"
  name="name of the frame"
  src="URL of the page to display inside the frame">

  ...whatever you place here will be displayed 
     if the browser doesn't support 
     floating frames...

Listing #1 : HTML code. Download fframe (0.3 KB).
Following is a working example of a floating frame. You should see a scrollable window if you're using Explorer 3.x or higher:
Code used to create the above frame:
<IFRAME width=400 height=100 name="FloatingFrame1"

Since your browser doesn't support floating frames, 
here's a picture of what a floating frame would 
look like:<BR>

<IMG src="/i/tips/floatingframe_demo1.gif">

Listing #2 : HTML code. Download fframe2 (0.33 KB).
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