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How to create active drop down lists without using CGI

Would you like to have a space saving drop down list on your page containing a list of your favorite pages that you can visit with a simple button click as in the example below?
Select a page to visit:
Don't worry if you don't have CGI access; the above drop down list was implemeted using JavaScript. Let's look at the source code (simply paste the following code block and customize it to add a drop-down list to your page):
<form name="form1" method="POST">

Select a page to visit: 

<select name="dd1" size=1>

<option value="http://www.chami.com/tips/delphi/">
Delphi Tips

<option value="http://www.chami.com/tips/internet/">
Internet Tips

<option value="http://www.chami.com/tips/windows/">
Windows Tips


<input type="button" 

  "location = 


Listing #1 : HTML code. Download dropdown (0.37 KB).
The onClick code is the magic code that instruct JavaScript enabled browsers to redirect to a different location depending on the selected drop-down list item.
location = 
Listing #2 : JavaScript code. Download onclick (0.2 KB).
To have the selected page open in a window other than inside the current document, if you're using frames for example, use the following onClick code instead (assuming "win_name" is the name of the new window or target):
   'win_name', '' );"
Listing #3 : JavaScript code. Download newtargt (0.23 KB).
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