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Shifting Netscape 4's Java startup delay

Is your Communicator 4.x browser taking longer than usual, compared to its previous versions, to display pages with Java applets? Most likely this is because of the time it takes to start Communicator 4.x's Java virtual machine when it encounters a Java enabled page since startup.
You can make Communicator 4.x shift its Java virtual machine initialization to its startup, so that it won't wait until you view a Java enabled page for the first time. Simply add the start_java parameter to its command line.
  • Right click on Communicator 4.x shortcut or icon.
  • Select "Properties" and change to the Shortcut tab.
  • Add a space followed by the parameter -start_java to the end of the command line in the Target input box.
    For example, if the command line is:
    change it to:
        d:\netscape\program\netscape.exe -start_java
  • Click on "OK"
So why would you want to do this? Well, you may not want to pause when you're busy surfing the web. Shifting the delay to the startup of the browser instead may help to create a smoother browsing experience.
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