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Easier way to manipulate favorites on-the-spot

Do you use "Favorites | Organize Favorites..." menu item to modify the properties of your favorite links? There's a much quicker, even easier, way to organize your favorites:
  • Left click "Favorites" drop down menu from the main menu (make sure that you let go of the mouse button after the menu is dropped down)
  • By moving your mouse, but without using any mouse buttons, go to the item/link that you want to manipulate, as if you're about to visit that item (again, do not use any mouse buttons yet)
  • Once the menu bar is placed on the item that you want to edit, press your right mouse button. You should now see a pop-up menu with functions such as Open, Cut, Copy, Delete, and Properties. Now you can manipulate your favorites items on-the-spot.
    You can even left click on an item (rather than right clicking on it to see its properties) to drag it to a different position in the favorites menu.
Sounds like all of this is harder than using the "Organize Favorites..." method? Well, you should naturally use your preferred method, but you may find it easier to right click favorite items right in the drop-down menu.
You can edit the "Favorites" folder in the "Start" menu (Windows 95, Windows NT 4.x and higher) the same way.
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