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Validate your HTML pages

HTML and other Internet related standards are evolving so fast, it's becoming harder to keep up with the latest. You may want to validate your HTML pages from time to time, just to make sure that you're not off the charts as far as the latest HTML standards goes.
Yes it's true that newer HTML standards are backward compatible with the older versions for the most part; but since some tags are being depreciated in favor of newer tags, it's a good idea to check your tags every now and then. Using valid HTML will not only make sure that your pages will continue to be portable, but it'll make it easier for those who develop HTML software to write more reliable tools.
Another reason to validate your web pages is to make sure that there aren't any typos or other mistakes, especially if you write all or portions of the HTML code manually. A single unnoticed mistake may prevent your page from properly appearing on different browsers or getting a better rating in search engines, for example. Some validation services will even check for spelling mistakes and other improvements.
  • W3C HTML Validation Service
    World Wide Web Consortium's easy-to-use HTML validation service based on an SGML parser. It checks HTML documents for compliance with W3C HTML Recommendations and other HTML standards.
  • Doctor HTML
    Web page analysis tool which retrieves an HTML page and reports on any problems that it finds. The primary focus of this tool is to provide a clear, easy-to-use report of information that is relevant for improving your Web page.
  • WebTechs HTML Validation Service
  • CAST : Bobby
    Bobby is a free service of CAST that will analyze single web pages for their accessibility to people with disabilities. Bobby will also examine a page's HTML to see if it is compatible with various web browsers or HTML specifications.
  • Weblint Gateways
    A Weblint gateway is an HTML form which lets you type in a URL and have it checked by weblint. Weblint is a syntax and minimal style checker for HTML: a Perl script which picks fluff off html pages, much in the same way traditional lint picks fluff off C programs.
  • WebSter's Dictionary spell checker for WWW documents
    This program provides a forms-based gateway to a spell checker for WWW documents.
  • HTML-Kit
    HTML-Kit is a free and easy to use Windows program designed to help HTML authors to edit, format, validate, preview and publish web pages. Its HTML validating, auto-correcting and beautifying features can be used by experts as well as new comers to HTML.
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    NOTE:Some HTML validates can be very picky and strict. Look at the bigger picture and problems first, you may not be able to avoid every little warning.
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