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BTW, R U New 2 Internet acronyms and abbreviations?

If you read email, newsgroups, or just look around the Internet, you're bound to run into acronyms, abbreviations or other computer and the Internet related terms that you may not be familiar with. The next time this happens, just point your browser to one of the following locations and lookup the word in question.
  • The World Wide Web Acronym and Abbreviation Server
    The list of acronyms and abbreviations in the Network Acronym and Abbreviation Server at bureau.ucc.ie. Also available by eMail for those without direct Internet or W3 browser access.
  • whatis.com
    Understand the Internet and the World Wide Web by searching and exploring its basic and most recent words and terms.
  • ZDNet Webopædia
    Find succinct definitions in a broad range of categories. You'll also find links to sites and definitions related to your inquiry.
  • PC Webopaedia
    Online encyclopedia and search engine dedicated to computer technology. Enter a search term or browse through the categories.
  • TechWeb Encyclopedia
    More than 11,000 definitions of computer terms and concepts.
  • Acronym Finder
    The Acronym Finder is a searchable database of about 92,700 acronyms, abbreviations and meanings. Covers: common acronyms, computers, science, technology, government, telecommunications, and military acronyms.
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