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So you don't like white on black?

Every time you startup the "Command Prompt" you see a bunch of text on a white on black screen. If you're looking for a little change or having trouble reading text using the current colors, you can easily change colors on the fly using the "COLOR" command:

COLOR <background code><foreground code>

0 = Black    8 = Gray
1 = Blue     9 = Light Blue
2 = Green    A = Light Green
3 = Aqua     B = Light Aqua
4 = Red      C = Light Red
5 = Purple   D = Light Purple
6 = Yellow   E = Light Yellow
7 = White    F = Bright White

For example, to get a white on blue screen type:


Of course, if you rather, you could press ALT+SPACE and select "Properties | Colors" to change colors as well.

Applicable Keywords : Windows NT, Windows NT 4.x, Windows
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