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Gain faster access to your drives, printers, programs, etc., by customizing your "Send To" menu

You can easily send files to floppy drives, printers, briefcases, and certain Windows programs by right clicking on it and selecting a destination from "Send To" menu. But, did you know that it's possible to add almost any kind of device and/or program to the "Send To" menu to make it easier to transfer files to most frequently used destinations?
  1. Run Windows Explorer.
  2. Select your Windows directory (C:\Windows for example).
    If you're running Windows 95, select "SendTo" folder.
    If you're running Windows NT, select "Profiles\Default User\SendTo" folder.
  3. Now, simply create shortcuts inside the SendTo folder as usual to the devices and programs you want to have access to from the "SendTo" menu. For example, to add your WORK folder on your zip drive (D:\Work for example) to the SendTo menu:
    • Right click inside the SendTo folder and select "New | Shortcut"
    • Type "D:\Work" without the quotes and click on "Next"
    • Type a name for the newly created SendTo item ("My Work Folder" for example) and click on "Finish"

      Now when you right click on files, you'll see "My Work Folder" appear as an option in the SendTo menu.
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