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Watch what you're doing or you might teach your Windows a bad habit!

Did you know that Windows is able to "pick-up" certain habits from you if you repeat them over and over?

For example, Windows inserts "Shortcut to" in front of the name of your shortcut. You might not like this for the following reasons:

  • You can tell that it's a shortcut by looking at the little shortcut-box that Windows puts over the icon.
  • If you have more than a few shortcuts, "Shortcut to" text can take too much of a display area and clutter your desktop.
  • It makes it hard to jump from one shortcut to another by pressing the first letter of a given shortcut, since all shortcuts begin with "Shortcut to" or S.

If you keep removing the "Shortcut to" part from the names that Windows generate, it'll eventually figure out that you don't like the "Shortcut to" part of the name. If you repeatedly (for up to 8 times) take out the "Shortcut to" part from the new shortcuts, Windows will stop adding extra text to the name in the future.

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