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For almost a decade, the HTML-Kit website has served web developers, blog authors and advanced users with software and Internet-related services. In addition to HTML-Kit, the flagship product, online tools such as FavIcon from Pics and resources such as mini-tutorials have become popular among millions of users.

Whether you're interested in sponsoring a site that's popular with newcomers looking for information on starting web sites, or experienced developers who advise businesses on web presence, the HTML-Kit site offers ad space with a targeted audience at competitive rates.

Did You Know?
  • Many pages on the site are ranked high in search engine results, including HTML-Kit homepage which has a 7/10 Page Rank and tips pages with 6/10.
  • Over five million favicons have been generated using FavIcon from Pics.
  • HTML-Kit is on Top 5 Most Popular list of editors on
  • With over 3000 CNET User Opinions, HTML-Kit has received 95% thumbs up.
  • Close to two million HTML-Kit 292 downloads through CNET/ZDNet alone and many millions more through the download page.
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