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  • How to: Preview pages through a web server
     Preview through server
    When editing pages that contain server-side scripts (such as ASP, JSP, Perl, PHP, etc.) or server side includes (SSI), it may be necessary to go through a web server to be able to preview the final result. This document describes how to configure HTML-Kit to preview pages through a local or a remote server.
  • How to: Create file mappings
    HTML-Kit's "File Mappings" feature can be used to preview files that cannot be previewed without a host file, such as stylesheets, stand-alone JavaScript files, etc., and other files that browsers may not be able to render without the help of an external application, such as server-side scripts and non-HTML files. This document describes how to create file mappings for common file types.
  • Information: Preview Options Matrix
    This document describes how to configure the preview modes available in HTML-Kit Build 292 and higher.
  • How to: Enable the Gecko / Mozilla preview mode
     Preview in Preview
    Why switch between two browsers when it's possible to preview pages in Internet Explorer and Netscape / Mozilla modes, side-by-side? This document describes how to utilize HTML-Kit's Preview in Preview feature by enabling the Gecko preview mode.