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LiveCounter Plug and Play is a web page counting service based on the LiveCounter. LiveCounter originally made its mark as the first web page access counter with the ability to update its display as you watch. LiveCounter Plug and Play brings you more firsts, including live doorbells for web pages, geographical maps plotted on-the-fly, and multi-level log report generators.
As the name suggests, LiveCounter Plug and Play is as easy to install as plugging (pasting) several lines of HTML code into your web page. If you have a web page on the Internet, you can use LiveCounter Plug and Play on it.
 F e a t u r e s
  • Log reports generator (view sample report): Use LiveCounter Plug and Play's log reports generator to examine the popularity of your web pages and to better serve customers and visitors to your web site by answering questions such as:
     Sample Report How many users visit your page hourly, daily, monthly? Is it time to promote your site again? From which countries do visitors connect? What would it look like if you plot this information on a world map? Is it time to make your site multilingual? From what organizations, organization types and departments do visitors connect from? What are the most and least active hours of the day? Are you available to answer your customers during busy hours? What browser types, browser versions and operating systems are used to access your web page? Are your visitors capable of viewing your page as you intended it to be viewed?
    • Real-time statistics: Get the most current information using log reports generated on-the-fly (no need to wait for a specific time for the reports to be updated).
    • Calendar-like timeframe chart for easy retrieval of previous log reports (up to six months old).
    • Printable charts that you can use in your presentations.
    • Customizable charts: pick from 7 types of charts including bar, horizontal bar, line, fast line, area, point and pie charts, depending on the type of the information presented. Or simply turn of charts the charts you don't need.
    • Statistical forecasting of the approximate number of hits and visitors your site might receive during the course of a day.
    • Total hits and unique visitors - per day / per month / to-date charts.
    • Percentage and number of domestic / international hits.
    • Average hits and unique visitors - per hour / per day / per month / to-date charts.
    • Average time between hits and unique visitors - per day / per month / to-date charts.
    • Hits by hour of day, day of week, and month of year charts.
    • Active countries table and a geographical world map plotted on-the-fly.
    • Most used languages chart identifying the browser languages.
    • Active organizations chart with links to retrieve whois information for domestic organizations and on-the-fly identification of popular domains.
    • Active organization types (company, network, education, government, military, etc.) chart.
    • Most common hosts / domain names and most common visitors chart with the ability to lookup "WhoIs" information.
    • Most used operating systems, browser types and browser versions charts.
    • Most active day / number of hits on the most active day and least active day / number of hits on the least active day.
    • First counter reports generator to use unique IP address colorizing.
    • Easy to use "WhoIs" function to retrieve the geographical and/or organizational source of the hits (when available).
    • Most active US states table.
    • US domain (*.us) identification -- able to distinguish between K12/technical/vocational schools, community colleges, libraries, museums, federal/state/city/county government agencies, government councils, statewide associations, regional agencies, distributed national institutions (research, cultural, etc.) and interstate authorities.
  • Live hits display: See if someone else is visiting or has visited your page -- the counter display will increment while you watch (*1).
  • Optional live doorbell: First web page counter to have a live "doorbell" -- just as visitors to your home would ring your doorbell, your home page on the web with LiveCounter Plug and Play will make a sound when others visit it (*1). Watch and listen to the demo for a real world example.
  • Customizable counter display: Design your own set of digits and a border, or choose from dozens of ready-to-use digit sets. You can also change the number of digits displayed, hide leading zeros, remove the border and adjust the speed of the animation (only available with the dynamic version of the counter display).
  • Hidden counter: The counter display can be turned off or hidden.
  • Exclude hits coming from specified sources: Hits/visitors coming from specified IP addresses (or hosts; your own machine for example) can be excluded from incrementing the counter.
  • Count multiple pages: Track up to three pages under a single site domain using the same counter and use the log reports generator to view the breakdown of hits to each page. Counter's display will show the total sum of hits to all tracked pages.
  • Easy to install: Simply paste a few lines of HTML code into your pages.
  • Instant updates: Get the latest features of LiveCounter Plug and Play as they become available.
  • Compatible with both Java enabled and non-Java enabled browsers: LiveCounter Plug and Play comes with a backup CGI counter which gets activated when a non-Java enabled browser is used, making it possible to count hits generated from virtually any web browser.
  • Pick your technology: If you prefer not to use Java, simply use the non-Java-enabled version of LiveCounter Plug and Play to obtain detailed log reports.
*1. The dynamic counter display and the door-bell requires a Java-enabled browser such as Internet Explorer, Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox, or other recent browser.
 S i g n - u p
    Sign-up Now »
Sign-up for a LiveCounter Plug and Play subscription now and get everything you need to have a LiveCounter PnP up-and-running on your page. All you have to do is paste the HTML you receive as-is into your web page. You'll also receive instructions on how to paste the HTML.
 F r e q u e n t l y   A s k e d   Q u e s t i o n s
Q: I already have a counter. Can I transfer my current count to LiveCounter Plug and Play when I sign-up?
A: Yes. Please include a note to that effect in the comments section and the number you want your new LiveCounter Plug and Play to start at.
Q: Do I need to install any files or CGI scripts to get LiveCounter Plug and Play running on my pages?
A: No. LiveCounter Plug and Play is a hosted counter. All the necessary resources for the counter reside on the LiveCounter Plug and Play server. All you have to do is paste the HTML code you receive as-is.
Q: What happens if the number of hits to my counter exceeds the maximum number of hits allowed for the particular package I pick?
A: Your daily log report will indicate if your counter is receiving excessive number of hits. You can choose to upgrade by paying the difference between your current package and the one you're upgrading to. If you decide not to upgrade, your log report will display the maximum allowed number of hits per day.
Q: I have more questions. How do I get help?
You can send LiveCounter Plug and Play related questions to LiveCounter Plug and Play Support. If you're already using LiveCounter Plug and Play, please include your account number for a faster response.
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