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Q: I already have a counter. Can I transfer my current count to LiveCounter Plug and Play when I sign-up?
A: Yes. Please include a note to that effect in the comments section and the number you want your new LiveCounter Plug and Play to start at.
Q: Do I need to install any files or CGI scripts to get LiveCounter Plug and Play running on my pages?
A: No. LiveCounter Plug and Play is a hosted counter. All the necessary resources for the counter reside on the LiveCounter Plug and Play server. All you have to do is paste the HTML code you receive as-is.
Q: What happens if the number of hits to my counter exceeds the maximum number of hits allowed for the particular package I pick?
A: Your daily log report will indicate if your counter is receiving excessive number of hits. You can choose to upgrade by paying the difference between your current package and the one you're upgrading to. If you decide not to upgrade, your log report will display the maximum allowed number of hits per day.
Q: I have more questions. How do I get help?
You can send LiveCounter Plug and Play related questions to LiveCounter Plug and Play Support. If you're already using LiveCounter Plug and Play, please include your account number for a faster response.
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