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HTML-Kit News Feeds

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HTML-Kit site headlines can now be accessed as RSS feeds and HTML-Kit SideBars.
 RSS Feeds
 RSS News Feeds

The following HTML-Kit site headlines are currently available in RSS 0.91 format:

While any modern browser or other XML viewer can be used to view RSS content, a RSS news feed reader is required for the best results. Dedicated RSS readers are also able to check the feeds for changes and generate notifications.

RSS is a document format that's based on XML for syndicating headlines and other regularly updated content. The acronym RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication (and Rich Site Summary).


The following HTML-Kit site headlines are currently available as SideBars / Bookmarks:

To install, click a link and follow the screens.

SideBars are tabbed windows that are similar to favorite bookmarks. They can be used to view custom content while browsing the web.

HTML-Kit SideBars can be viewed as fixed areas in browsers with built-in support for SideBars, or as bookmarked windows in other browsers.