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Looking for a quick way to convert between ASCII values and characters? Simply use the asc and chr commands in HTML-Kit's Command Prompt window.
HTML-Kit's Messages Window isn't limited to displaying suggestions generated by HTML Tidy. With this add-in, it can be used to jump to variables, classes, functions and file includes in PHP scripts.
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"Great plugin. Easy to use. Fast. Thank you!"- Matt Soreco
"All of the plugins I've used so far are 5/5 material"- David Lasky | More Comments...
 Plugin Developer's Corner
 Support Document Information: Sample Code Cross-reference for Plugin Developers
This document is a cross-reference of HKPAPI functions / parameters, and hkScript functions that are found in the sample plugins and other published plugins with source code written in all supported languages.
 Support Document How to: Create interactive templates (visually)
Get started in authoring interactive templates that can prompt for user input and dynamically update the output. No programming experience is required since these types of templates can be created using the Plugins Generator's graphical user interface.
 Support Document How to: Write HTML-Kit plugins
HTML-Kit's functionality can be extended using plugins that range from buttons for inserting code to specialized utilities to advanced side-by-side applications. This document includes information on how to get started and where to look for samples, tutorials and other details related to developing plugins.
 Support Document How to: Add new functions to the Plugins Generator
This document is a work in progress; it aims to describe all aspects of adding new functions to the Plugins Generator. This facility makes it easier to generate custom code in all supported languages.
 Support Document How to: Add new commands to the Command Prompt
This document describes how to write plugins that can handle commands issued using the Command Prompt.