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Want to play with IE's CSS visual filters and transitions? This plugin makes it easier to use and test multimedia-style filters and transitions.
Already running PHP on the local computer? This plugin written in PHP can be used to check remote links and relative file paths.
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Demonstrates how to send commands to HTML-Kit from a Delphi program (not a plugin).
Interested in writing HTML-Kit plugins in Delphi? Check out this small demo and extend it with your own code.
This plugin written in Delphi demonstrates how to run HTML-Kit and a plugin invoked from it side-by-side in a non-blocking way. Also demonstrates how to send text to the editor without exiting the plugin, and how to obtain and create a folder to stor...
Plugins Generator
Visually design plugins with multiple buttons, tabs, drop-down menus and custom icons. No programming experience is required to create fully functional plugins. Automatically generates source code for plugins in hkScript, C/C++, .NET C#, Delphi, Java...
"Hello, world!" plugin written in C/C++, Delphi, hkScript, Java, Perl and Visual Basic. This is a good starting point for developers interested in writing HTML-Kit Plugins. Required: HTML-Kit Plugins API core files.