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Is the extra space in front of </TD> tags creating problems? This plugin can remove any spaces in between the content and the closing TD tag.
This plugin and tutorial combo makes it easier to add the ability to rotate banners, slides and other images on web pages.
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hpf_itit, jrn_f_enr, jrn_f_gft
Implements a new function ("Editor Not Required [X-jrnENR]") in the Plugins Generator to make it possible to run plugins without requiring an editor to be open. Add dummy action with this function (e.g. a vertical separator as the last acti...
Implements a new function ("Get Full Text [X-jrnGFT]") in the Plugins Generator to get the full text in the current editor. Add dummy action with this function (e.g. a vertical separator as the last action - this will be invisible), and you...
Plugins Generator function file which will add a new function to insert the specified text and send the space key. This function can be used to insert a tag and invoke the TagsReminder. To install, select "Tools | Install | Function" from t...