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Adds a menu with options for inserting 10 commonly used Content Types (MIME Types).
Adds wizard dialogs for performing the following functions on ODBC datasources / tables: connect to an ODBC datasource, list the available tables, view the table structure, view the table content, create HTML tables using the database table content, ...
 Category Matches
Plugins Generator
Visually design plugins with multiple buttons, tabs, drop-down menus and custom icons. No programming experience is required to create fully functional plugins. Automatically generates source code for plugins in hkScript, C/C++, .NET C#, Delphi, Java...
Demonstrates how to write a HTML-Kit plugin in JScript / JavaScript to: read the selected text in the current editor, modify it and send the modified text to the Output window.
Delete the HTML entity at the cursor. Entities inside HTML, JavaScript, etc., strings are not supported in this version.
Sample plugin written in hkScript to demonstrate how to open a floating window using JavaScript inside HTML-Kit. This method can be used to invoke tools written in Java, JavaScript, VBScript, ActiveX and other languages that can be run inside a brows...