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Ever wish for a quick way to insert multiple nbsp(s)? Change the number of non-breaking spaces entered with this preferences dialog.
This quick and easy to use utility can suggest colors which are likely to look nice with your selection. It offers many other features including favorites and history lists, multiple color pickers, support for popular color formats, and more.
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Demonstrates how to open a new editor window from a PHP plugin.
Demonstrates how to preview two sets of HTML content in the internal browser window using a PHP plugin.
Jump start MySQL database development in PHP with 45+ readymade code snippets, various versions of SQL statements, MySQL functions and other related code.
bsPHPMySQL Source
Source code files used to create bsPHPMySQL.
Demonstrates how to write a plugin in PHP that adds a page wizard with a real-time preview using the InputWizard function. After installing the plugin, select "File | New from Page Wizard | Create a simple web page using the InputWizard" fr...
Demonstrates how to get and change the cursor location in the editor using a plugin written in PHP. Also demonstrates how to call HTML-Kit plugins interface related functions in PHP.
Plugins Generator
Visually design plugins with multiple buttons, tabs, drop-down menus and custom icons. No programming experience is required to create fully functional plugins. Automatically generates source code for plugins in hkScript, C/C++, .NET C#, Delphi, Java...
Demonstrates how to extract text from a web page using the strip_tags() PHP function.
Demonstrates how to write a HTML-Kit plugin in PHP to: read the text in the current editor, modify it and send the modified text to the Output window.