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Looking for a quick way to create a report of links and email contacts? Use the current editor, a local HTML file, a web page or a comma-delimited file as the source.
This plugin provides several handy options for capitalizing sentences and words. It can also reverse the case of letters, and change characters to upper/lower case. Now with a right-click menu and customizable default action.
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Demonstrates how to change the InputWizard preview based on the currently selected group/field name.
Demonstrates a way to bridge hkScript and HTML Application (HTA) scripts.
Demonstrates a way to look for a file in parent folders.
Demonstrates how to synchronize hkp_Register and hkp_Main data using arrays.
Demonstrates how to select text between two points picked using regex.
Demonstrates how to insert an <img> tag that's linked to an image using an <a> tag.
Demonstrates how to write a hkScript plugin that can communicate with HTML Tidy.
Demonstrates how to write a batch plugin that can find text in multiple files and sort the results.
Demonstrates how to read and update the line at the cursor.
Demonstrates how to get a list of currently open documents.
Demonstrates how to extract string parameters from PHP print statements.
Demonstrates how to display two sets of HTML content in a horizontally or vertically split preview window.
Demonstrates how to wrap each line in the selected text with start and end text specified by the user.
Demonstrates how to create and open a custom Desktop file.
Demonstrates how to read text from the clipboard, and send text and color cube graphics to the clipboard.
Demonstrates how to set the cursor position (with a workaround for supporting the word wrap mode).
Demonstrates how to use some of the basic functionality available for plugins.
Some online tools such as HTML validators can accept files through forms. This sample for hkScript plugin authors demonstrates how to automate the process of invoking online tools that support the file input fields.
Demonstrates how to add a search box to the Actions Bar.
Demonstrates how to display a progress window in a plugin.
Demonstrates various input and output modes provided by the HTML-Kit Plugins Interface.
Demonstrates how to use the InputWizard interface to list *.gif image files in the current document's directory, dynamically preview the selected image, calculate image dimensions, and insert the IMG tag for the selected image into the current do...
Demonstrates how to use the InputWizard dialog to get user input. Included are easy to use functions for getting text/string and number/integer input.
Demonstrates how to prompt for a file name, read its content, modify the content and display in a browser window inside HTML-Kit.
Demonstrates how to add a new command to the Command Prompt window and send the parameters passed through it to an external program. To test, make sure that the Messages Window is visible ("View | Messages"), switch to the "Command Pro...
Converts the selected block of text to a PHP string. Has support for creating multi-line single or double quoted strings.
Demonstrates how to read the full text in the current editor, perform multiple regular-expressions based replace operations on it, and send the updated text back to the editor.
Demonstrates how to get the full path of the file in the current editor.
bbStripComments Source
bbStripComments source code (plugin definition).
Plugins Generator
Visually design plugins with multiple buttons, tabs, drop-down menus and custom icons. No programming experience is required to create fully functional plugins. Automatically generates source code for plugins in hkScript, C/C++, .NET C#, Delphi, Java...
Demonstrates how to retrieve the selected text, modify it and send it back to the editor to replace the current selection using an hkScript plugin.
Demonstrates how to write a plugin to search multiple files using the Batch Actions Wizard and mark matches. After installing, right click a local Workspace folder, select "Run Action...," select the Action and click "Start" to te...
Demonstrates how to insert starting and ending curley brackets in code blocks ( "{ ... }" ) with indents and move the cursor to the middle of the block ( "{ | }" ). This plugin can be mapped to a keyboard shortcut using the "...
Demonstrates how to add entries to the Recall Menu and how to retrieve the data assigned to it.
Demonstrates how to perform multiple replace operations on the selected text using a plugin.
Demonstrates how to use custom icons in InputWizard dialogs.
Demonstrates how to write a page wizard with real-time preview using the InputWizard function. After installing the plugin, select "File | New from Page Wizard | Create a simple web page using the InputWizard" from the main menu to invoke t...
Demonstrates how to write a drag and drop handler in hkScript that can insert either <link rel="stylesheet" ... /> or <?xml-stylesheet ... ?> depending on the doctype.
Demonstrates how to write a simple batch action that can echo the input sent to it.
Demonstrates how to write Page Wizards (template generators).
Demonstrates how to get the tag at the cursor.
Demonstrates how to create an icon at runtime.
Demonstrates how to dynamically update icons displayed on the editor context menu.
Demonstrates how to update the editor context menu (right click menu).
Demonstrates how to invoke multiple commands (main menu commands, editor commands, etc.).
Demonstrates how to get the selected text or the line at the cursor (if there's no selected text), and send the output to the Output window.
Demonstrates how to execute a Perl script through perl.exe and send the output (stdout) to HTML-Kit's Output window.
Demonstrates how to write a plugin to update/modify content sent to preview windows (such as the Preview tab and the Active Preview window). This technique can be used to interpret scripts or resolve server-side includes without going through a web s...
Demonstrates how to replace the currently selected text and select the new text.
Demonstrates how to store and retrieve persistent data, and how to reset session-specific data. The plugin will display the number of times it was invoked within the current HTML-Kit session.
Demonstrates how to add a combobox with a drop-down list to the Actions Bar and handle user actions.
Sample plugin showing how to insert text with indents.
Demonstrates calls to file open and save dialogs related functions in HKPAPI -- hkp_f_cmndlgOpen (cmndlgOpen), hkp_f_cmndlgSave (cmndlgSave) and hkp_f_UI_GetFileName (UI_GetFileName).
How to add an egg to your plugin.
Simple plugin to insert the &nbsp; entity.
hkScript plugin written to demonstrate how to: 1. save the current document, 2. open the document in an external program and wait for it to exit and 3. reload the document. See also: ExtCall.hks
Sample plugin: How to get the current cursor position in the editor.
Adds paragraph tags to each selected line.
Simple plugin written in hkScript to demonstrate how to insert date/time information in a given format.
"Hello, world!" plugin written in C/C++, Delphi, hkScript, Java, Perl and Visual Basic. This is a good starting point for developers interested in writing HTML-Kit Plugins. Required: HTML-Kit Plugins API core files.
Inserts a new style rule with an unique name -- .rule { ... } -- and invokes the default style editor to add declarations.
Plugin written in hkScript to demonstrate how to display messages on the status bar and add text to the Message Window. These functions are available to plugins written in other programming languages as well.
Sample plugin to insert "Hello, world!" For learning and testing purposes.
Sample plugin written in C to demonstrate how to use regular expressions to remove simple HTML tags from a page and leaving the text.
Sample plugin written in hkScript to demonstrate how to open a floating window using JavaScript inside HTML-Kit. This method can be used to invoke tools written in Java, JavaScript, VBScript, ActiveX and other languages that can be run inside a brows...
Invokes Windows Calculator from HTML-Kit.
Example on how to call an external program, such as a plugin written in another language. This plugin will demonstrate how to (1) save the selected text in the current editor to a file, (2) call a specified program and pass the above file name, (3) w...
Allows quick access to control panel applets such as Internet, display and system properties.
Convert selected text to upper/lower case.
 Designed using HTML-Kit
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