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Working with VRML files? This plugin adds a set of menus for inserting tags and code snippets related to VRML, GeoVRML, Cortona and Blaxxun.
Generate VBScript code for appending a block of text to a string variable, create multiple versions of output statements and quickly comment / uncomment code with this plugin.
 Category Matches
If you use ColdFusion, this plugin makes it easier to insert tags and functions related to CFMX version 6.1.
Why retype when you can right click and insert? This right click menu action makes it easier to reuse ColdFusion #var# style variable names in the current script.
Adds two new tabs named CFTags and CFFunctions that contain ColdFusion 5 tags and function categories such as arrays, authorization, conversion, date/time, decision, display, dynamic evaluation, internationalization, lists, math, query, strings, stru...
Plugin menu containing ColdFusion common tags, tags and operators.