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Want to make sure that punctuation characters separated by spaces stay attached to the preceding word? This plugin can replace regular spaces in between words and punctuation with non-breaking spaces.
Looking for a quick way to create a report of links and email contacts? Use the current editor, a local HTML file, a web page or a comma-delimited file as the source.
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Too many out-of-date URLs in the internal browser address bar? This simple plugin can be used to clear the drop-down list of URLs.
Want to look up words in your HTML files in multiple search engines? In addition to making it easier to search the selected text, hkWebSearchHelper provides options for checking the link popularity of your sites.
Program in multiple languages? No need to install separate references for Java, Perl, PHP and Python; simply right click the keyword or the function and select which reference to use.
Look up the word at the cursor in Google, Open Directory, Acronym Finder and other similar resources on the Internet using the right click menu provided by this plugin.
Retrieves the current IP address of the Internet connection. Can be useful for testing web servers using dial-up/non-static connections, connecting to peer services, testing CGI scripts, etc.
Checks to see if there are any new messages on HTML-Kit newsgroups without opening an external news reader. Click the newsgroup reminder icon on the Online tab to invoke this plugin.
Have an idea for a new domain name? This plugin makes it possible to quickly lookup whether a domain name is available without leaving HTML-Kit. Once installed, change to the "Online" tab on the Actions Bar, type a domain name (without http...
Search HTML-Kit help pages, plugins, newsgroup messages, version history, tips and other support documents from HTML-Kit. After installing this plugin, switch to the "Help" tab on the Actions Bar, type what to search for and press Enter.
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