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  Post your feedback   |   30-Apr-2006
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Batch Find and Replace
"Works just great, what a time saver this is! Had nearly 400 pages for display of photo on each and in less than 30 seconds it had put a copyright and name on each. Outstanding."- Chuck Simon
cmBatchFind for ftp server
"This tool is great! Is it only capable of searching through files on my local machine? I always work directly off of my ftp server, and I installed the plugin with the intent of searching through files on my ftp server."- Shaun
Batch Find
"Works fine. Must be a standard in the Kit."- Gerard Schaefers
cmBatchFind usage
"This works great! It is easy to use and accurate. Saved me alot of work!"- Charlie
Very practice
"Very practice and easy to use !!!"
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