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  Post your feedback   |   27-Apr-2006
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Wow. Good work!
"You rock! Thanks a lot for this awesome plugin."
Very useful, but.....
"It's great for altering odd words in multiple files. It's saved me a lot of time. However, It would be so much better if it would find and replace whole blocks of text. Often, what's wrong is an entire footer section (yes,I know I should be using SSI, but testing it is awkward). Also : If it ran in a fully independent window, it would allow cut-and-paste into the search and replace boxes from existing files opened within HTML-kit. Also: Browse button for finding the target folder, please."- Paul Baker
Batch replace
"How do you clear the Search variables and the Replace variables. Program has helped with hundreds of redo projects. Highly recommended."- Allan
Batch Replace
"Works fine. Saves a lot of time. Must be a standard in the Kit."- Gerard Schaefers
Saves Time and Prevents Errors
"Awesome pluggin! You only have to do it right one time, instead of right once for each file. Saves a bunch of time AND frustration."- Tefy
Years of my life
"I help people with transferring their homepages to other locations, sometimes more than 3000 links/refernces have to be changed, wich would take me months by hand. Now it's a question of minutes, no wait: seconds !!!"- Suyderman
"What a great plugin. Even though I use cascading style sheets, there are content-based items that appear on most or all pages that I can universally replace in seconds flat. Absolutely wonderful plugin!"- Carol Tutzauer
Major Time Saver!
"I kept looking for this feature in HTML-Kit, thank goodness I finally found the plug-in. It literally just saved me hours."- Mahalie Pech
"This plugin is one of my favorites... It installs quickly and works great!"- Jason Johnson
Very Good
"a very practical and useful plugin"
"Great plugin. Easy to use. Fast. Thank you!"- Matt Soreco
Great plugin
"I just want to say that this makes my job SO much easier. This is a great plugin and a real time-saver!"- Dustin Boston
"It would be great if it could handle multiple lines of text."- JeffO
A Must Have
"Good job. A real time saver. One of my favorite plugins."- Mark Cunningham
"Just what I needed! It works great! Thanks SO much - you've made my life easier!"
great... but can I suggest a little twist?
"well yes it is great, but what if I only want to search and replace open documents and not all .html in one folder... now that would be snazzy too! Thanks for the tool it is already... it's already saved me loads of time"- highab
"It's really a necessary tool that a good editor should have."
"All the hours, neigh days, of my life that have been wasted."- Ken Wood
"This plug-in was the one I was searching for... ;-) And indeed, could be more helpful when folders used for a global search&replace are a bit more easy to select. But, Windows(r) Explorer's address bar can be helpful in that department."- Jordan
"Like rating : great, do what it have to do and it's very helpful"- Stephane
"I like the fact that you guys implemented batch actions. My only suggestion is that it should be easier to get to folders on your computer then trying to remember the path. Most folders aren't that hard to get to but "My Documents" is a little tricky unless you know what your doing. Thanks again."- moridin
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