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Essential for Index files! Prevents erasure!
"Backing up is always a good idea--but especially for Index files. In a typical multi-folder site, the drag-and-drop FTP can easily send an Index file to the wrong folder. Oops... I used to "save copy as" numbering manually from 1 to 9--erase the older ones--etc. What a nuisance. Then I heard that some editors have a "save copy" that automatically numbers the copy. Hmmm... So I came here and found hkSaveCopyAs. Even better! Now I instantly DATE my copies: This lines them up in chronological order. Instant recognition of where I need to go back to, or instant deletion of all mouldies."- Krystof
"For me its the easiest way to back up scripts and still keep track of major changes, and additonal functions. Thank-you for "hkSaveCopyAs"!"- Gary
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