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  Post your feedback   |   17-Feb-2006
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XML Validator

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XML Validator
"Its perfect tool..Sorted out..Just brilliant..."- Asif A A
XML Validator
"It's very helpful; I spent a long time looking for XML validators but I can't find any! Thanks to your XML validator."- ccanicete
David Smidgy
"Great plugin thanks,"
XML Validator
"Just Fantastic !! Feeling on top of the world..Perfect 10/10"
XML Validator
"Brilliant!! Soled 100 problems of mine in one click.."- Asif Ataul Ali
XML Validator
"I'm using it for validating my xhtml files. It's great!"
"Ok . This plugin works well ."- Leon Unger
"Need the ability to use the version 4 parser. It is the only MS parser that validates xsd. DTD's not all that helpful."- Dave Batta
What about XSD Validation?
"This is nice to validate XML against a DTD but could it be possible to add a validation against an XML Schema (XSD)? I think that MSXML can do that."- Francois Robertson
XML Validator
"Love this plugin. Not only can I validate my XML but I can also validate my XHTML."- Eleonora Morrell
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