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What's Download+?

Download+ is a way to download plugins, with some extra benefits. Download+ makes it easier to manage your plugins by showing which of your plugins have been updated since your last download, what has changed, and more.

How do I use Download+?

When you're on plugin pages, use the Download+ button to download plugins, instead of the regular download button. Once you've finished downloading plugins, you'll be able to use your HTML-Kit User Assistant account to manage your plugins.

How does Download+ work?

When you click the Download+ button, it'll prompt you to login to your HTML-Kit User Assistant account, if you haven't already. Once you login, the plugin download will continue as usual. Download+ will add the name and the version of the plugin to your User Assistant account. You'll then be able to use that list of plugins to check for future updates and access other Download+ features.

Do I have to use Download+ to download plugins?

No, Download+ is just an optional feature. You can continue to use the regular download simply by clicking the regular download button on plugin pages.

Is it just another way of getting email notifications when updates become available?

Update notices will be available in several optional modes: through email notices, as RSS newsfeeds and on the User Assistant page. While the ability to quickly check for updates is one of the important aspects Download+, there will be other features, such as references customized to cover the plugins you use, and more.

Are there extra features in plugins downloaded using Download+?

No, there's no difference between the plugins download using the regular download method and plugins downloaded using Download+.

Does Download+ install any software on my computer?

No, Download+ uses your online HTML-Kit User Assistant account to manage your plugins. It does not install any software on your computer.

What do I do if I have more questions?

If you have a question that's not answered here, feel free to post it on the support forum.