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Thank you for taking the time to send your feedback using this poll.
How long have you been using HTML-Kit?
Less than a week,   Less than a month,   Less than 6 months
1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4+ years
How often do you use HTML-Kit?
About every day,   1 - 3 times a week
Less than once a month,   Not sure
Is HTML-Kit your primary code/HTML editor?
HTML-Kit is the only code editor I use
HTML-Kit is my primary code editor, but I use other editors
HTML-Kit is one of the many editors I use, such as:
HTML-Kit is my secondary editor, my primary editor is:
I keep HTML-Kit in case I need it, but I usually use:
How many plugins have you installed and tried?
I haven't installed or tried any new plugins
I try almost all new plugins
1 to 10 plugins,   11 to 30 plugins,   Over 30 plugins
How many of those optional plugins do you still have in HTML-Kit?
I don't have any optional plugins (that didn't come with HTML-Kit)
1 to 10 plugins,   11 to 30 plugins,   Over 30 plugins
I have kept almost all the plugins I've tried
How do you find out about new plugins and other updates?
Using the "Help > Check for Updates" menu option
By visiting the HTML-Kit homepage and the plugins page
By reading the HTML-Kit newsgroups
I wait for an email notice
How often do you check for new plugins and other updates?
3 or more times a week,   Every week,   Every month
Less than 6 times a year,   Only if an email notice is sent to me
How do you rate the following areas?
HTML-Kit, features:
HTML-Kit, ease of use:
HTML-Kit, tech support:
HTML-Kit, documentation:
HTML-Kit website, ease of use:
HTML-Kit plugins page, ease of use:
HTML-Kit plugins, usefulness:
Overall satisfaction with HTML-Kit:
If you have any comments, please use the following field (optional)
Thanks for taking the time to send your feedback!