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Pro Add-Ons

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 Table Designer Table Designer

HTML-Kit Table Designer Pro makes it easier to rapidly design tables by merging the functionality of spreadsheets, visual designers and HTML code generators. Users can immediately start designing tables, even if they're not familiar with coding in HTML and CSS.

 TagTree Pro TagTree

HTML-Kit TagTree provides an easy-to-read visual representation of the current document that can be used to quickly navigate HTML, XHTML and XML files. It can also display function names, variables and other code snippets in scripts, and jump to the associated line in the source code.

 Log Analyzer Log Analyzer

The HTML-Kit Log Analyzer is a compact and easy to use web server log analyzer. Its simple log file format makes it possible to utilize it even when the logs created by the web server itself are not available. This format also gives web developers the added flexibility of being able to log and analyze only specific areas of a site, or create their own custom logs to analyze data generated by polls, download forms, redirect scripts and more.


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