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How to describe your links using pop-up hints windows

You can make Explorer 3.x, Communicator 4.x or compatible browser pop-up a hint window, while the mouse is paused over an image, by adding the ALT parameter to your IMG tags. When it comes to text links, you're probably used to displaying hints on the status bar. This method may not be the most effective however, not only because the status bar has only a limited amount of space, but because visitors may not readily notice it or may even have it turned off.
Did you know that you can add pop-up hint windows to your links, without using JavaScript, so that you can better describe them on-the-spot without using the status bar?
If you're using Explorer 4.x or compatible browser, pause your mouse over the following link without clicking on it.
If you like the pop-up hint window you see, here's how to get your links to do the same:
BEFORE: A sample regular link:
<A HREF="http://www.chami.com/tips/">

Click here

Listing #1 : HTML code. Download before (0.19 KB).
AFTER: Same link after adding the TITLE tag to create a pop-up hint window:
<A HREF="http://www.chami.com/tips/"
   TITLE="Click here to see more cool tips!">

Click here

Listing #2 : HTML code. Download after (0.22 KB).
Click here
Want to create a multi-line hints window? Simply separate lines with "&#10;&#13;" characters:
<A HREF="http://www.chami.com/tips/"
   TITLE="Click here to see more cool tips!&#10;&#13;
This is the second line...&#10;&#13;
fourth line, after skipping one line">

Multi-line hint window demo

Listing #3 : HTML code. Download mullineh (0.3 KB).
Multi-line hint window demo
So go ahead, add the TITLE parameter to your links to display on-the-spot link descriptions to your visitors. Although not all browsers support this parameter, it won't hurt other browsers since they will simply ignore it for the moment.
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