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When using images isn't fast or good enough, add pop-up hint windows

If you have images on your web page, you might want to consider adding text representations of them to help out users with slow connections, users using text only browsers, and users who have turned off loading of images.
The good news is that you don't have to create a separate page -- all you have to do is add the "ALT" parameter to your "IMG" tags. For example, if your original IMG tags looks like:

    <IMG SRC="welcome.gif">
simply add the ALT tag as follows with a short but descriptive text that can describe what your image represent:
    <IMG SRC="welcome.gif" ALT="Welcome!">
Now, when your visitors choose to see your page without graphics, they'll still be able to see what your images represent.
    TIP:If you're using Explorer 3.x, Explorer 4.x, Communicator 4.x or compatible browser, you can get an extra side benefit by using the ALT parameter. Most new browsers will display the ALT text in a pop-up hint window when the mouse is paused over the image. Example:
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You can easily use this side-effect to display on-the-spot help or other long descriptions to your visitors.
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