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About abouts

Shh... don't tell anyone, but you can use "about:" prefix in "URLs" to receive information which otherwise would have taken much longer to get to or simply would not have been available.

For example, to get information (probably more information than you need) about your browser's cache:

  • Press CTRL+L (or go to "Location" input box)
  • Type "about:cache" without the quotes
  • Press ENTER

You can retrieve information about your plug-ins by replacing "about:cache" with "about:plugins" in the above example.

Here are some other "about:" commands you can use in Netscape:

  • blank
  • authors
  • blank
  • cache
  • document
  • editfilenew
  • global
  • hype
  • image-cache
  • jwz
  • license
  • memory-cache
  • mozilla
  • plugins
  • security?banner-insecure
  • security?banner-mixed
  • security?banner-payment

Oh, by the way, don't forget to checkout "about:mozilla"

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