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HTML special character reference

You may not be able to enter certain symbols or characters into your web page using a single key or character. The following HTML 4 character reference table can be used to enter such special characters using the associated "numeric character reference" code or the "character entity reference" code. Note that not all characters are supported by every browser. Some browsers may support the numeric reference without supporting the character entity reference.
Numeric character reference ("ID" column in the table) is the numeric representation of a given character. To use the numeric character reference in your HTML code, use the following format:
&#Numeric character reference;
For example, to display the © symbol using the numeric character reference, enter:
Character entity reference ("Code" column in the table) is the standard name of a given character. To use the character entity reference in your HTML code, use the following format instead:
&Character entity reference;
For example, to display the © symbol using the character entity reference:
Á193Aacute1latin capital letter A with acute
á225aacute1latin small letter a with acute
â226acirc1latin small letter a with circumflex
Â194Acirc1latin capital letter A with circumflex
´180acute1acute accent
æ230aelig1latin small letter ae
Æ198AElig1latin capital letter AE
À192Agrave1latin capital letter A with grave
à224agrave1latin small letter a with grave
8501alefsymLalef symbol
Α913AlphaGgreek capital letter alpha
α945alphaGgreek small letter alpha
8743andMlogical and
å229aring1latin small letter a with ring above
Å197Aring1latin capital letter A with ring above
8776asympMalmost equal to
Ã195Atilde1latin capital letter A with tilde
ã227atilde1latin small letter a with tilde
Ä196Auml1latin capital letter A with diaeresis
ä228auml1latin small letter a with diaeresis
8222bdquoUdouble low-9 quotation mark
Β914BetaGgreek capital letter beta
β946betaGgreek small letter beta
¦166brvbar1broken bar
Ç199Ccedil1latin capital letter C with cedilla
ç231ccedil1latin small letter c with cedilla
¢162cent1cent sign
χ967chiGgreek small letter chi
Χ935ChiGgreek capital letter chi
ˆ710circDmodifier letter circumflex accent
9827clubsSblack club suit
8773congMapproximately equal to
©169copy1copyright sign
8629crarrAdownwards arrow with corner leftwards
¤164curren1currency sign
8225DaggerUdouble dagger
8659dArrAdownwards double arrow
8595darrAdownwards arrow
°176deg1degree sign
Δ916DeltaGgreek capital letter delta
δ948deltaGgreek small letter delta
9830diamsSblack diamond suit
÷247divide1division sign
é233eacute1latin small letter e with acute
É201Eacute1latin capital letter E with acute
Ê202Ecirc1latin capital letter E with circumflex
ê234ecirc1latin small letter e with circumflex
è232egrave1latin small letter e with grave
È200Egrave1latin capital letter E with grave
8709emptyMempty set
8195emspUem space
8194enspUen space
ε949epsilonGgreek small letter epsilon
Ε917EpsilonGgreek capital letter epsilon
8801equivMidentical to
Η919EtaGgreek capital letter eta
η951etaGgreek small letter eta
ð240eth1latin small letter eth
Ð208ETH1latin capital letter ETH
ë235euml1latin small letter e with diaeresis
Ë203Euml1latin capital letter E with diaeresis
8364euroUeuro sign
8707existMthere exists
ƒ402fnofIlatin small f with hook
8704forallMfor all
½189frac121vulgar fraction one half
¼188frac141vulgar fraction one quarter
¾190frac341vulgar fraction three quarters
8260fraslPfraction slash
Γ915GammaGgreek capital letter gamma
γ947gammaGgreek small letter gamma
8805geMgreater-than or equal to
>62gtCgreater-than sign
8660hArrAleft right double arrow
8596harrAleft right arrow
9829heartsSblack heart suit
8230hellipPhorizontal ellipsis
í237iacute1latin small letter i with acute
Í205Iacute1latin capital letter I with acute
î238icirc1latin small letter i with circumflex
Î206Icirc1latin capital letter I with circumflex
¡161iexcl1inverted exclamation mark
Ì204Igrave1latin capital letter I with grave
ì236igrave1latin small letter i with grave
8465imageLblackletter capital I
Ι921IotaGgreek capital letter iota
ι953iotaGgreek small letter iota
¿191iquest1inverted question mark
8712isinMelement of
Ï207Iuml1latin capital letter I with diaeresis
ï239iuml1latin small letter i with diaeresis
Κ922KappaGgreek capital letter kappa
κ954kappaGgreek small letter kappa
λ955lambdaGgreek small letter lambda
Λ923LambdaGgreek capital letter lambda
9001langTleft-pointing angle bracket
«171laquo1left-pointing double angle quotation mark
8592larrAleftwards arrow
8656lArrAleftwards double arrow
8968lceilTleft ceiling
8220ldquoUleft double quotation mark
8804leMless-than or equal to
8970lfloorTleft floor
8727lowastMasterisk operator
8206lrmUleft-to-right mark
8249lsaquoUsingle left-pointing angle quotation mark
8216lsquoUleft single quotation mark
<60ltCless-than sign
8212mdashUem dash
µ181micro1micro sign
·183middot1middle dot
8722minusMminus sign
Μ924MuGgreek capital letter mu
μ956muGgreek small letter mu
 160nbsp1no-break space
8211ndashUen dash
8800neMnot equal to
8715niMcontains as member
¬172not1not sign
8713notinMnot an element of
8836nsubMnot a subset of
ñ241ntilde1latin small letter n with tilde
Ñ209Ntilde1latin capital letter N with tilde
Ν925NuGgreek capital letter nu
ν957nuGgreek small letter nu
ó243oacute1latin small letter o with acute
Ó211Oacute1latin capital letter O with acute
Ô212Ocirc1latin capital letter O with circumflex
ô244ocirc1latin small letter o with circumflex
Œ338OEligOlatin capital ligature OE
œ339oeligOlatin small ligature oe
ò242ograve1latin small letter o with grave
Ò210Ograve1latin capital letter O with grave
ω969omegaGgreek small letter omega
Ω937OmegaGgreek capital letter omega
Ο927OmicronGgreek capital letter omicron
ο959omicronGgreek small letter omicron
8853oplusMcircled plus
8744orMlogical or
ª170ordf1feminine ordinal indicator
º186ordm1masculine ordinal indicator
Ø216Oslash1latin capital letter O with stroke
ø248oslash1latin small letter o with stroke
Õ213Otilde1latin capital letter O with tilde
õ245otilde1latin small letter o with tilde
8855otimesMcircled times
Ö214Ouml1latin capital letter O with diaeresis
ö246ouml1latin small letter o with diaeresis
182para1pilcrow sign
8706partMpartial differential
8240permilUper mille sign
8869perpMup tack
φ966phiGgreek small letter phi
Φ934PhiGgreek capital letter phi
Π928PiGgreek capital letter pi
π960piGgreek small letter pi
ϖ982pivGgreek pi symbol
±177plusmn1plus-minus sign
£163pound1pound sign
8243PrimePdouble prime
8719prodMn-ary product
8733propMproportional to
ψ968psiGgreek small letter psi
Ψ936PsiGgreek capital letter psi
"34quotCquotation mark
8730radicMsquare root
9002rangTright-pointing angle bracket
»187raquo1right-pointing double angle quotation mark
8658rArrArightwards double arrow
8594rarrArightwards arrow
8969rceilTright ceiling
8221rdquoUright double quotation mark
8476realLblackletter capital R
®174reg1registered sign
8971rfloorTright floor
Ρ929RhoGgreek capital letter rho
ρ961rhoGgreek small letter rho
8207rlmUright-to-left mark
8250rsaquoUsingle right-pointing angle quotation mark
8217rsquoUright single quotation mark
8218sbquoUsingle low-9 quotation mark
Š352ScaronOlatin capital letter S with caron
š353scaronOlatin small letter s with caron
8901sdotMdot operator
§167sect1section sign
­173shy1soft hyphen
Σ931SigmaGgreek capital letter sigma
σ963sigmaGgreek small letter sigma
ς962sigmafGgreek small letter final sigma
8764simMtilde operator
9824spadesSblack spade suit
8834subMsubset of
8838subeMsubset of or equal to
8721sumMn-ary sumation
8835supMsuperset of
¹185sup11superscript one
²178sup21superscript two
³179sup31superscript three
8839supeMsuperset of or equal to
ß223szlig1latin small letter sharp s
Τ932TauGgreek capital letter tau
τ964tauGgreek small letter tau
Θ920ThetaGgreek capital letter theta
θ952thetaGgreek small letter theta
ϑ977thetasymGgreek small letter theta symbol
8201thinspUthin space
Þ222THORN1latin capital letter THORN
þ254thorn1latin small letter thorn with
˜732tildeDsmall tilde
×215times1multiplication sign
8482tradeLtrade mark sign
ú250uacute1latin small letter u with acute
Ú218Uacute1latin capital letter U with acute
8657uArrAupwards double arrow
8593uarrAupwards arrow
û251ucirc1latin small letter u with circumflex
Û219Ucirc1latin capital letter U with circumflex
Ù217Ugrave1latin capital letter U with grave
ù249ugrave1latin small letter u with grave
ϒ978upsihGgreek upsilon with hook symbol
υ965upsilonGgreek small letter upsilon
Υ933UpsilonGgreek capital letter upsilon
ü252uuml1latin small letter u with diaeresis
Ü220Uuml1latin capital letter U with diaeresis
8472weierpLscript capital P
ξ958xiGgreek small letter xi
Ξ926XiGgreek capital letter xi
ý253yacute1latin small letter y with acute
Ý221Yacute1latin capital letter Y with acute
¥165yen1yen sign
ÿ255yuml1latin small letter y with diaeresis
Ÿ376YumlOlatin capital letter Y with diaeresis
Ζ918ZetaGgreek capital letter zeta
ζ950zetaGgreek small letter zeta
8205zwjUzero width joiner
8204zwnjUzero width non-joiner
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Character reference table portions ? International Organization for Standardization 1986.
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