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How to cure long and hard-to-remember URL blues using a redirecting service

Is your web page URL too long to type, hard to remember or just not the name you want? You could get your own domain name or you could use a web URL redirecting service for free or a small fee. You may also want to use a redirecting service if you're likely to move your web site to different web hosts, so that you'll have a long term address regardless of the actual location of your web site.
Web URL redirecting service is a service that can accept visitors to a specific URL and redirect them to another previously specified URL. For example, if the redirecting service is able to handle visitors to http://yourname.redirecting_host.com, visitors typing that address will be automatically redirected to your home page with a longer URL such as http://isp.com/directory/blah/x/home.html. Since most redirecting services own shorter and/or catchy domain names, it maybe easier for your visitors to remember your web page address as an extension of a redirected URL, rather than your original web page address. Some redirecting services will let you use multiple words to create even easier to remember URLs such as listen.to/your.parents.now
Following is a list of some of the web URL redirecting services. As with any service, specially free Internet services, be sure to read their terms and conditions carefully. Some redirecting services may require you to place banner advertisements on your pages.
ServiceURL Format
CJB.NET Internet Servicesyourname.cjb.net
EU.orgyourname.c-code.eu.org or
InternetJumpfast.to/yourname or
Monolith Internet Servicesyourname.home.ml.org or
there.is/ homethere.is/yourname or
Tonga domainsyourname.to
TSX: Technosite Exchangeyourname.tsx.org
V3 Redirect Servicescome.to/yourname,
travel.to/yourname or
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