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How to get your own domain name

So you've spent time making your own website and now you want to have your own domain name so your web address would look like "www.your_company_name.com" or "www.your_name.com"?
Your Internet service provider may setup your domain name free of charge, except for the domain name registration fees, or for a low fee, so contact them first. If you already have a web site and an Internet service provider to add your domain name to their DNS servers (so that your name can be translated into an IP address), the cheapest and the most straight forward way to get a domain name maybe by contacting the InterNIC yourself.
Although registering your domain name yourself through InterNIC could cut your cost by eliminating the middle man, you can save some time by asking a third party to do the registering for you. This type of service could come in handy, specially if you don't already have a web server running to keep the new domain name active.
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