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Speed up the loading of HTML files with images

Here's a good old HTML trick that will help most WWW browsers display HTML pages with images faster. Simply add the WIDTH and HEIGHT tags to your IMG tags. For example, if your original image (IMG) tags looks like:

<IMG SRC="MyLogo.gif">

and the width and height of MyLogo.gif is 32 by 50, change the above tag to:

<IMG SRC="MyLogo.gif" WIDTH=32 HEIGHT=50>

So why would adding WIDTH and HEIGHT tags improve the speed? Well, if you don't specify the size of the image, the browser would have to spend time to actually load the image to find out the size of it and only then can calculate how to layout rest of the elements on the page. As you can see, if you have many images on your page, taking time to load each image before calculating the final layout of the page would take longer.

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