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How to login to multiple online services using one modem (at the same time!)

If you ever wanted to log on to your local internet provider, to your America Online account and to your CompuServe account, etc., at the same time using one modem and a phone line, here's how to do it.

For example, let's say you want to be connected to your internet provider and to America Online at the same time.

  • Connect to the Internet through your local Internet provider using Windows's built in Remote Access Service.
  • Run America Online 2.5 or 3.0 and select "SETUP"
  • Click on "Create Location" and type in any name you want in the "Location:" input box.
  • For the "Modem Speed," select the highest number you see in the drop down list.
  • For the "Network:," select "TCP/IP"
  • Click on "Save" and then on "OK"
  • Click on "SIGN ON..." to log in to America Online! Now you're connected to America Online (AOL) through the Internet, which means you can access AOL and access the rest of the Internet using you local internet provider's account.

You can setup CompuServe and many other online services to go through the Internet (rather than through a direct modem connection) by configuring them to use "TCP/IP" and/or "WinSock" as demonstrated in the above example.

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