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What are you doing with your personal web server?

What? You didn't know that you have a personal web server?

If you're using Windows NT 3.51, Windows NT 4.x or Windows 95, you already have the software you need to run your own web server.

  • Windows NT 4.x: This version comes with a built in web server called Microsoft Peer Web Services (or Microsoft Internet Information Server if you're using Windows NT Server), which you can easily setup to serve web pages to the Internet or your company intranet.
  • Windows NT 3.51: If you hurry, you still may be able to download a free web, ftp and gopher server for your Windows server (look for Internet Information Server 1.x - 3.x):

    Microsoft Internet Information Server
  • Windows 95: The web server isn't built in to the operating system, but not to worry -- you can download a free personal web server from the Microsoft web site:

    Microsoft Personal Web Server for Windows 95
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