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How do I add Mozilla Firefox / Firebird to the list of external browsers used to preview pages?

  • Select "Edit | Preferences" from HTML-Kit's main menu.
  • Change to the "Programs" tab and click "Edit Browser List"
  • Click "Add"
  • Click the open-file icon at the end of the Program Path field.
  • To add Firefox: browse to the folder where Firefox is installed, select Firefox.exe and click "Open". For example, Firefox might be found under: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\
    To add Firebird: browse to the folder where Firebird is installed, select MozillaFirebird.exe and click "Open". For example, Firebird might be found under: C:\Program Files\\MozillaFirebird\
  • Open the Parameters drop-down menu and select "{{FILE}}" (with quotes) from it.
  • Click "OK", "OK" and "OK" to close the open dialogs and to save the changes.
Firefox / Firebird should now appear on the "View | Preview in Browser" submenu. The current page can be opened in Firefox/Firebird either by selecting it from the "Preview in Browser" menu (on the main menu or on the toolbar), or by pressing the keyboard shortcut assigned to it.