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How do I preview my pages in different external browsers?

Answer 1. View menu

 Preview in Browser
The "View | Preview in Browser" menu can be used to preview the current document in a browser installed on the system.
If a browser that's installed on the system is not listed on the "Preview in Browser" menu, it can be added using the "Edit Browser List" dialog under "Edit | Preferences | Programs".
Before manually adding a new browser, the "Detect" button can be used to try to automatically detect the browsers installed on the system.

Answer 2. Preview button on the Toolbar

 Preview in Browser
The "Preview" button on the Toolbar could also be used to access preview-in-browser options.
To add a browser that's not listed on the "Preview in Browser" menu:
  • Select "Edit | Preferences" from HTML-Kit's main menu.
  • Change to the "Programs" tab and click "Edit Browser List"
  • Click "Add"
  • Click the open file icon at the end of the Program Path field.
  • Browse to the folder where the browser is installed, select the browser .exe and click "Open".
  • Open the Parameters drop-down menu and select "{{FILE}}" (with quotes) from it.
  • Click "OK", "OK" and "OK" to close the open dialogs and to save the changes.

Answer 3. Keyboard Shortcuts

"Alt+1" . . . "Alt+9" - Preview in the assigned browser
"F8" - Preview in the default browser
"Alt+F8" - Preview in a browser window inside HTML-Kit
"Ctrl+F8" - Preview in the HTML-Kit Active Preview window
It's possible to disable the use of Alt keys to make additional Alt key combinations available for other keyboard shortcuts.