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Is there a way to preview content in the Output window?

HTML Tidy and some other plugins use the "Output window" to display possible improvements to the HTML code in the "Editor window". This makes it easier to compare the original code in the "Editor window" to the output code generated by the plugin.
The HTML code in the "Output window" can be previewed, without having to copy it to the "Editor window".
Preview Output
To preview content in the "Output window", click inside it (or click the "Output" tab) and then click the "Preview" button.
Preview Editor
To go back to previewing content in the "Editor window", click the "Editor" tab followed by the "Preview" tab.
To copy content in the "Output window" to the "Editor window", select "Edit | Copy Output to Editor" from the main menu. Or, right click inside the "Output window" and select "Copy Output to Editor".