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How do I check my HTML pages for errors?

Answer 1.

HTML-Kit provides several tools and methods for validating HTML and other code. "HTML Tidy" is one of the built-in tools that can be used to check HTML code. In addition to pointing out any errors, it can automatically fix many common errors found in HTML documents.

Invoke Tidy

 Invoke HTML Tidy
Open the HTML file that you'd like to check for errors.
Invoke "HTML Tidy" by:
  • Clicking the "HTML Tidy" icon on the "Tools" tab, or
  • Selecting "Actions | Tools | HTML Tidy" from the main menu, or
  • Pressing the "F9" key.

Check the messages

 Check the messages
Any errors, warnings or suggestions produced by "HTML Tidy" will be displayed in the "Messages Window". To jump to the HTML code related to an error, double click the message.
Some errors, marked with a red icon, may prevent "HTML Tidy" from continuing to check the rest of the document or producing a corrected version of the HTML code. If this happens, examine the "Messages Window", correct the errors and invoke "HTML Tidy" again.

Update the code

 Update the code
The HTML code with any corrections suggested by "HTML Tidy" will be displayed in the "Output window". HTML-Kit makes it easier to compare this code to the original code by displaying the generated code in a separate window, instead of automatically overwriting the code in the "Editor window".
Once the code generated by "HTML Tidy" is verified, it can be copied back to the "Editor window" by right clicking the "Output window" and selecting "Copy Output to Editor".

Answer 2.