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Even if you aren't using XSLT on your sites, you've probably considered using RSS feeds to keep your visitors informed. The ability to quickly preview RSS and convert to HTML is one of the options you get with this XSL transformations plugin.
The creation of picture albums by hand can be tedious. This plugin makes it easier to generate tables with images, and other blocks of custom tags that have to be repeated for each file.
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eeMimeType, tmAll
Adds a menu with options for inserting 10 commonly used Content Types (MIME Types).
TMCSS, TMXSLT, TMWML, TMWMLScript and TMWAPPush plugins combined into a single plugin file. tmcss.dll, tmxslt.dll, tmwml.dll, tmwmls.dll and tmwapp.dll files must be deleted from the plugins directory before installing this file.