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HTML Tidy can suggest fixes for typos and common coding errors found in HTML, XHTML and XML documents. Upgrade HTML Tidy distributed with HTML-Kit to the latest version with this plugin.
Got JSP? Access the bean IDs with a drop of a list. This is one of the series of JSP related plugins written by Eric Glass for making it easier to edit standard tags, lookup Taglib directives and invoke online / offline help for JSP keywords.
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If you liked the X-Ray control on the HTML-Kit Find dialog, this plugin takes it to the next level. With this plugin you'll be able to see through editors and the HTML-Kit window.
Adds the ability to take screenshots of the HTML-Kit desktop.
Adds a Go To dialog with 0-based line numbers.
Prefer plugins that can perform multiple functions? This plugin adds several options for working with comments and for using the selected text to generate hyperlinks, tables, numeric entities and file names.
hkSetupPlus makes it easier to use hundreds of optional tools written for HTML-Kit, even if you're just getting started, by automating the installation of most additions and updates.
Find, select and insert custom snippets using the keyboard with this TagsReminder-inspired interface. You can now test drive the beta version and send your feedback.
So you've installed dozens of plugins and wondering if any of the plugins have been updated since. hkDLPlusHelper makes it easier to check if there are any updates for the currently installed plugins.
Whether you're interested in creating tutorials or presentations for your clients, this plugin can be used to quickly create simple audio visuals.
Looking for a quick way to test mailto addresses or even send email to addresses in your HTML files while editing? This plugin makes it possible to right click and send email to the address at the cursor.
Looking for a way to number items without using the <OL> tag? This plugin can be used to replace place-holders with incrementing numbers.
Updates the HTML-Kit root directory on portable drives.
Toggles the cached write mode.
If you're interested in creating a RSS news feed for your site, this plugin can be used to convert plain text news items to RSS tags.
Reduce the number of task switching required to invoke Apache, PHP and MySQL, especially on Windows 95/98/ME systems where these components are not installed as services.
Adds a menu with options for inserting 10 commonly used Content Types (MIME Types).
If you use online tools or browser scripts that require you to pass the file content, a little bit of programming can automate some of that work. Be sure to check out the how-to link in the support section for Mark's step-by-step example.
HTML-Kit has built-in support for dragging and dropping some of the most common file types. This feature can be extended to cover other file types, or the tags inserted by default can be customized as necessary.
Plugin that shows the default keyboard shortcuts. Some of the shortcuts [particularly the program tools option] will be different on your setup but it's easy to modify the hks file.
This hkScript plugin replaces the selected text with its evaluated value -- for example, if the selection is "2 + 2" (without the quotes), it is replaced with 4. The plugin can also be run from the Command Prompt. Entering the command &q...
It takes more than a simple tag to display Flash files on web pages, but the insertion of SWF files can be reduced to a drag & a drop.
Extend your use of HTML-Kit Desktop Files to manage favorite documents in HTML-Kit. You can have easy individual access to frequently edited documents stored in an Desktop File.
Plugin that can be used to create desktop files (introduced in build 292), by dragging and dropping files from the Windows Explorer.
Provides quicker access to some of the hidden menu command such as "Word Wrap," "Show Hidden Characters," "Insert/Save Template/Snippet", "Show/Hide Workspace/Messages," etc.
Virtually all major server-side scripting languages provide SQL-based functions for manipulating databases. The menus installed by this plugin can be used as a quick reference when they're not being used to insert SQL code snippets.
The hkPreview plugin resides in the Tools section of the action bar in HTML-Kit. There is a menu item for each of the browser in the browser list. When you run the plugin, the currently edited file is saved as a temporary file (named _{{jrn_hkPreview...
Makes it possible to launch external programs defined in HTML-Kit preferences from the Actions Bar and pass the Windows/DOS path of the current document even when the server mappings feature is enabled.
CSS Properties List
Plain text list of CSS properties.
HTML Icons
50+ 16x16 pixel 16 color icons (not particularly good looking!) related to HTML tags that can be used in the Plugins Generator and other HTML-Kit plugins.
Gain quick access to Control Panel items, Windows Explorer, Clipboard viewer, Notepad, Character Map, Calculator, Paint Brush, Task Manager, Windows Magnifier and Solitaire.
TMCSS, TMXSLT, TMWML, TMWMLScript and TMWAPPush plugins combined into a single plugin file. tmcss.dll, tmxslt.dll, tmwml.dll, tmwmls.dll and tmwapp.dll files must be deleted from the plugins directory before installing this file.